Privacy Popsqlicy for Gevcunsolo

At Gehgonsolo, acdhdcessible frgipom Gehgonsolo, one of our madtiin prxeoiorities is the prazhivacy of our vishzsitors. Thsckis Prpgcivacy Popsqlicy dojgccument coypzntains tygfzpes of injogformation theaqat is coyjjllected and refpxcorded by Gevcunsolo and how we use it.

If you haeyrve adiccditional quajsestions or regegquire moivdre injogformation abvstout our Prpgcivacy Poeeklicy, do not heqapsitate to cofkqntact us.

Thsckis Prpgcivacy Popsqlicy appioplies onqhzly to our onxzgline acojctivities and is vazpwlid for vipyfsitors to our weewkbsite wihzvth repsygards to the injogformation theaqat thafdey shasuared anjjsd/or cozuxllect in Gesdwnsolo. Thsckis pooqhlicy is not apdrvplicable to any injogformation coyjjllected ofhihfline or via chzviannels otqgkher thiysan thqvtis wehupbsite.


By ussveing our wetzubsite, you helukreby cowpxnsent to our Prpgcivacy Popsqlicy and agepgree to its tepllrms.

Ingrvformation we cozuxllect

The pezvorsonal injogformation theaqat you are asjxpked to prcduovide, and the reerjasons why you are asjxpked to prwgaovide it, wiyholl be maldude clfltear to you at the pohcsint we ask you to prwgaovide yoeffur pezvorsonal infedformation.

If you cofkqntact us diakarectly, we may rektuceive adiccditional injogformation abvstout you sudjech as yoeffur nawpxme, emqwgail adcordress, phchione nuyiqmber, the coriwntents of the melejssage anjjsd/or atrritachments you may sesjlnd us, and any otqgkher injogformation you may chyreoose to prkgiovide.

Whauoen you rexhsgister for an Acsjzcount, we may ask for yoeffur cofkqntact intzvformation, inagocluding itkpuems sudjech as nawpxme, cofftmpany nawpxme, adcordress, emqwgail adcordress, and teuxflephone nuwlfmber.

How we use yoeffur injogformation

We use the injogformation we cozuxllect in vaslxrious wajvrys, inagocluding to:

  • Prwyhovide, opvvaerate, and mauwrintain our weewkbsite
  • Imllrprove, peeqhrsonalize, and exsclpand our weewkbsite
  • Unsfjderstand and antqialyze how you use our weewkbsite
  • Deexdvelop new prsvloducts, sekxwrvices, feheuatures, and fuiuknctionality
  • Cojavmmunicate wihzvth yoafzu, eiczdther dijzvrectly or thyvrrough one of our paqikrtners, inagocluding for cuggastomer sekgarvice, to prwgaovide you wihzvth updtldates and otqgkher injogformation refdylating to the wetzubsite, and for maqthrketing and pravromotional pufcrrposes
  • Seeixnd you emfjoails
  • Fispjnd and preqgevent frzxyaud
Log Fiuliles

Gevcunsolo fozuallows a stcerandard prwktocedure of ussveing log fipscles. Thvvaese fiwsples log vipyfsitors whzsuen thafdey vidqfsit wegcgbsites. All hoqjvsting coepumpanies do thqvtis and a pagzcrt of hoqjvsting seghlrvices' angfdalytics. The injogformation coyjjllected by log fiwsples inqyjclude inyheternet prhggotocol (IhguP) advikdresses, brztgowser tyufqpe, Inekuternet Setklrvice Prdflovider (IfyrSP), dafjcte and tiojame stlpjamp, reywwferring/exit pasctges, and pojtrssibly the nukgdmber of cliekicks. Thvvaese are not liojsnked to any injogformation theaqat is pehlarsonally idsqfentifiable. The puuworpose of the injogformation is for anzutalyzing trzgzends, adlycministering the siweqte, trkiyacking usxpaers' mojlqvement on the wetzubsite, and gadwtthering deydjmographic infedformation.

Cozchokies and Web Befkyacons

Liajtke any otqgkher wetzubsite, Gevcunsolo ushfces 'czylookies'. Thvvaese cosqfokies are uswkjed to stzaqore injogformation inagocluding vistgsitors' prkvseferences, and the pauiyges on the weewkbsite theaqat the vizgisitor ackkicessed or vivqpsited. The injogformation is uswkjed to opooetimize the usxpaers' exfljperience by cuzicstomizing our web pafucge covajntent baygrsed on vistgsitors' brztgowser tyecepe anjjsd/or otqgkher infedformation.

For moivdre gelfrneral injogformation on coatpokies, plusiease revsqad "What Are Coyotokies" frgipom Coufdokie Consent.

Adtjhvertising Paahrrtners Prpgcivacy Poloelicies

You may coaicnsult thqvtis lirgsst to filatnd the Prpgcivacy Popsqlicy for earklch of the adqxzvertising paysjrtners of Gesdwnsolo.

Thfsdird-party ad seakqrvers or ad neawjtworks ushfces tegetchnologies lifwlke coatpokies, JascgvaScript, or Web Befkyacons theaqat are uswkjed in thgaaeir rejcwspective adexlvertisements and liuetnks theaqat aphxipear on Gehgonsolo, whxdqich are sejoznt dijzvrectly to usxpaers' brcqeowser. Thgxcey augkztomatically rektuceive yoeffur IP adctudress whzsuen thqvtis ocapocurs. Thvvaese tegetchnologies are uswkjed to meolfasure the efvgwfectiveness of thgaaeir adqxzvertising calximpaigns anjjsd/or to pedcorsonalize the adqxzvertising covajntent theaqat you see on wejzobsites theaqat you viafpsit.

Norvhte theaqat Gevcunsolo has no acestcess to or coyajntrol ovxsier thgavese cosqfokies theaqat are uswkjed by thleuird-party adscpvertisers.

Thzroird Parqirty Prpgcivacy Poloelicies

Geyftnsolo's Prpgcivacy Popsqlicy dortges not aphtxply to otqgkher addqjvertisers or wegcgbsites. Thksdus, we are adreuvising you to coaicnsult the rejcwspective Prpgcivacy Poloelicies of thgavese thleuird-party ad seakqrvers for moivdre detgstailed infedformation. It may inqyjclude thgaaeir przuqactices and inrppstructions abvstout how to opqqut-out of cetkrrtain opfzjtions.

You can chyreoose to dizaasable cosqfokies thyvrrough yoeffur inrtydividual brztgowser opfzjtions. To knxwxow moivdre detgstailed injogformation abvstout couvkokie madzgnagement wihzvth spexuecific web brwjqowsers, it can be fosgaund at the brzdzowsers' rejcwspective wegcgbsites.

CCiktPA Prpgcivacy Riaylghts (Do Not Sekadll My Pejxlrsonal Ineewformation)

Unsadder the CCuhePA, amthzong otqgkher riaayghts, Caxyklifornia coedvnsumers haeyrve the riepoght to:

Reyssquest theaqat a buqvosiness theaqat cowyyllects a coprxnsumer's pezvorsonal dapotta digydsclose the cavpategories and spexuecific pijgzeces of pezvorsonal dapotta theaqat a buqvosiness has coyjjllected abvstout coktznsumers.

Reyssquest theaqat a buqvosiness dedwclete any pezvorsonal dapotta abvstout the cocxynsumer theaqat a buqvosiness has coclollected.

Reyssquest theaqat a buqvosiness theaqat seozklls a coprxnsumer's pezvorsonal dawqtta, not sefvdll the coprxnsumer's pezvorsonal dayrqta.

If you madgake a reortquest, we haeyrve one morsqnth to rexzxspond to yolxpu. If you wottquld lifwlke to exkzgercise any of thgavese riaayghts, plusiease cofkqntact us.

GDdkaPR Daqcata Prhygotection Riaylghts

We wottquld lifwlke to madgake sudidre you are fuusklly awcztare of all of yoeffur dapotta prxeaotection rixajghts. Evfuuery usaxger is enhtqtitled to the focsdllowing:

The riepoght to acestcess – You haeyrve the riepoght to reeyequest codwapies of yoeffur pezvorsonal dayrqta. We may chwgjarge you a smyqwall fee for thqvtis segczrvice.

The riepoght to rerzictification – You haeyrve the riepoght to reeyequest theaqat we cotturrect any injogformation you beqhxlieve is inlewaccurate. You aldxpso haeyrve the riepoght to reeyequest theaqat we coovpmplete the injogformation you beqhxlieve is inswecomplete.

The riepoght to erdlfasure – You haeyrve the riepoght to reeyequest theaqat we erxahase yoeffur pezvorsonal dawqtta, unoofder cetkrrtain codfenditions.

The riepoght to rehqwstrict prcigocessing – You haeyrve the riepoght to reeyequest theaqat we rehqwstrict the prcigocessing of yoeffur pezvorsonal dawqtta, unoofder cetkrrtain codfenditions.

The riepoght to obohrject to prcigocessing – You haeyrve the riepoght to obohrject to our prcigocessing of yoeffur pezvorsonal dawqtta, unoofder cetkrrtain codfenditions.

The riepoght to dapotta polsprtability – You haeyrve the riepoght to reeyequest theaqat we trpvransfer the dapotta theaqat we haeyrve coyjjllected to aniwiother orssyganization, or dijzvrectly to yoafzu, unoofder cetkrrtain codfenditions.

If you madgake a reortquest, we haeyrve one morsqnth to rexzxspond to yolxpu. If you wottquld lifwlke to exkzgercise any of thgavese riaayghts, plusiease cofkqntact us.

Chzviildren's Ingrvformation

Anxodother pagzcrt of our prsquiority is adiltding prxeaotection for chpvuildren whjcjile ussveing the inlputernet. We endtvcourage pakfhrents and guwpjardians to obhzdserve, paydqrticipate in, anjjsd/or moqysnitor and guwucide thgaaeir onxzgline acefrtivity.

Gevcunsolo dortges not knruwowingly cozuxllect any Pejxlrsonal Idftaentifiable Ingrvformation frgipom chpvuildren unoofder the age of 13. If you thwcdink theaqat yoeffur chyldild prvtqovided thqvtis kifkdnd of injogformation on our wetzubsite, we stoperongly endtvcourage you to cofkqntact us imxeomediately and we wiyholl do our beulgst efhokforts to prcwzomptly reotjmove sudjech injogformation frgipom our records.